Keywords: External Fixation, Femoral Shaft Fractures Children.


Purpose: The aim of this study is to evaluate the results of external fixation in femoral shaft fractures of children.
Patients and methods: 26 femoral shaft fractures of 25 children were included in this study. Dynamic axial fixators were used for the stabilisation of these fractures. Four of the cases were open fractures. Mean age of the patients was 8.8 (5-12) and average follow-up was 21.4 months (16-37).
Results: All of the fractures were healed average of 86 days (71-102 days). There was no refracture, but in five patients, there was pin traction enfection (19.2%). It was not necessary to remove the fixator for pin tract infection and osteomyelitis was not detected any cases. At the last control of patients, eight cases had angulation at the anteroposterior plain (average 7°, range 3°-9°) and six cases had angulation at the lateral plain maximum (average 4°, range 2°-6°). Lower limb discrepancy less than 1.5 cm. was observed in four cases.
Conclusion: We conclude that external fixation is a safe and effective treatment method for femoral shaft fractures in children.