Kemal US, Umut BEKTAS, S Sinan BILGIN, Taner AYDIN, Ertan MERGEN, Tunc Alp KALYON

Keywords: Achilles Tendon Rupture, Lindholm, Abraham-Pankovich.


Patients, whose Achilles tendons totally ruptured and treated with the methods of primary repair, Lindholm technique and combined surgical technique (Modified Abraham-Pankovich + Modified Lindholm) in our clinic, were evaluated clinically and by using the method isokinetic muscle strength measurement. 23 patients were included in our study and 8 of these patients' isokinetic muscle strength measurement of Gastrokinemus-Soleus muscle complexes were carried out by CYBEX II appliance. There is no significant clinically difference in the group of the patients. When we checked the isokinetic muscle strength deficit parameters, we saw the combined surgical technique group had significant lesser deficits then the other groups. We come to conclusion that combined surgical technique provides stable reconstruction, facilitates post-op rehabilitation and obtains almost normal muscle strength.