1Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Dicle Diyarbakır/Turkey
2Department of Pathology, University of Dicle Diyarbakır/Turkey

Keywords: Giant cell reperative granuloma, Enchondroma, Tibia.


Introduction: Occurence of giant cell reperative granuloma (GCRG) ouside the jaw, skull, or facial bones is unusual. In this paper was discussed an enchondromal case accidentally discovered in the femoral supracondylar region together with a tibially-located GCRG.
Patients and methods: A 60-year-old female patient was referred to us with complaints of moderately tender swelling at the right leg. When whole body scintigraphic scanning was performed for this lesion, distal femoral lesions were incidentally discovered. The patient was admitted to surgery and incisional biopsies were performed on both masses. Upon receipt of the pathology report, the patient was readmitted to surgery during which the enchondroma was treated locally with intralesional resection and an allograft was performed. The GCRG was treated with a marginal resection, posterior iliac crest, allograph and intramedullar interlocking nailing. No recurrence was noted after 18th postoperative month in this patient who is being continuously followed-up.
Conclusion: This is the second reported case of giant cell reperative granuloma associated with enchondroma. In addition to the clinical features, the pathologic findings and differantial diagnosis were also discussed. A long-term follow-up is considered necessary, however, due to the recurrence risk involved.