Haluk YETKIN, Sahap ATIK, Ertugrul SENER, Necdet Sukru ALTUN, Erdal CILA


Biodegradable rods and screws of Polyglycolide (Biofix) were used in the internal fixation of a variety of fractures. The adverse effects of retained metallic devices are osteopenia induced by protection from stress and corrosion. The results in the fixation of cancellous bone fractures with absorbable implants are comparable to those of metallic implants but there is no need for removal. Six patients have been treated with biodegradable implants. The follow-up period was between three to twenty-two months. The complications such as a discharging sinus without infection, osteolysis and aseptic synovitis were not detected. The advantage of the biodegradable implants is that they do not need to be removed at secondary operations.